How to register/change your Alert E-mail Adress.


Please login to PowerDirect and tap "Customer Support".


Please tap "Alert E-mail Address Register / Change".


A push notification will be sent to your registered smartphone and the transaction will be continue upon approval of the customer by tapping the "Approve".

If you haven't registered Smartphone Authentication Service, below image will be shown.
After confirming the contents of the transaction, please enter your PIN and 3 values from your Security Code Card and tap "Submit".


Please enter your E-mail address to "New E-mail Address" and "Re-Enter" field, and please tick "I acknowledge that I agree to all items in the important disclosures below."
Please click "Alert E-mail Address Register/Change" after confirmed your new E-mail address is correct.
(* If you will be received E-mail to your mobile phones/smartphones, please tick "Mobile E-mail" below the re-enter field.


Please confirm again and tap "Submit".
Change your Alert E-mail Address is completed.