First Login

You will be required to perform some initial settings when you first log in.


Please keep the following items handy when logging in.

Please access our website and click "Login" button on the upper right or on the middle of the page.

Cash card

Your branch code and account number are shown on this card. If you opened your account via internet or post, the branch code will be 400 (Head Office).

Security code card

Alphanumeric characters are shown on this card.

PIN notice

Your PIN is shown on this post card.


  1. 1Input the branch code (3 digits) and account number (7 digits) shown on your cash card.
  2. 2Confirm if there is a check in the box.
    If the box under 2 is checked, please input the data in the box under 3 and 4 using the security keyboard.
  3. 3Input your PIN (4 digits).
  4. 4Input your birthday (8 digits: yyyymmdd)
    e.g. If your birthday is December 9, 1960, please input 19601209.
  5. 5Click "Login"


  1. 6Enter your desired PowerDirect password according to the below password policy and click "Submit".
    The password should be between 6-12 characters long and contains at least two types of characters under the following categories:
  • English lowercase characters (a through z), base 10 digits (0 through 9).
  • Lowercase characters and uppercase characters are recognized as separate characters.
  • You cannot use non-alphanumeric characters such as "!" or "/".
  • You can log in using your new PowerDirect password from the next log in.


  1. 7Enter your Security code card number.
    Please input your Security code card number (5 digits in each field) shown on the upper right side of the back of the card.
  2. 7Check the box after you read and acknowledge the affirmation and click "Next". Then, your Security code card will be activated.

If you would like to proceed to the online banking site, click on "Login Again" and move to next page. You can log off by clicking "Exit".

You can change your PIN by contacting PowerCall at 0120-456-272 (*77)