How-to Guide: Register Shinsei PowerFlex Bank Account


  • In order to register a Shinsei Bank account, the customer details* registered with both GoRemit and Shinsei Bank must match.
    * Email address, home address, name, date of birth, account number
  • If there are any changes to the email address, home address or name registered with Shinsei Bank, please register the changes.
    [Changing email address registered with Shinsei Bank] Please access Shinsei PowerDirect here.
    [Changing email address registered with GoRemit] From the app menu: Procedures → Change of E-mail Address.

(1) Select "Procedures" from the menu on the left.

(2) Select "Register Shinsei PowerFlex Account"

(3) Enter your Shinsei account details.

* You can only register an account in your name.

(4) Confirmation screen:Confirm your account details and tap "Apply".

(5) Complete

* Registration may take a few business days.

* After registration is complete, withdrawals from PowerFlex accounts and use of the Shinsei Diamond・Shinsei Platinum Preferential Service will be available.

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