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Please read the policy for "Handling of Personal Information of Individual Customers".
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Handling of Personal Information of Individual Customers

Shinsei Bank shall use collected customers' "personal information" for the following operations within the scope required to achieve the following purpose of use. The purposes of use include actions such as delivering advertisements and making credit decisions that are taken based on the hobbies, preferences and credit standing of our customers presumed by analyzing their personal information such as transaction history, website view history, other behavior records and information obtained through personal data sharing.


  1. Deposits, domestic exchange, money exchange, loans, foreign exchange, and incidental operations thereto
  2. Investment trust sales, insurance sales, securities brokerage, trusts, corporate bonds, and other operations that banks are permitted to operate under the laws, and incidental operations thereto
  3. Other operations that banks are permitted to operate, and incidental operations thereto(including those that will be permitted to be handled in the future)

Purpose of Use

  1. Study and develop financial instruments and services through market research, data analyses, and surveys;
  2. Provide customers with various proposals on financial instruments and services by sending direct mail or other means;
  3. Provide customers with various proposals on the products and services of its affiliates and partners;
  4. Sending gifts to winners of lotteries or rewards for questionnaires.