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Contact Us

Before contacting us, please read the FAQ.
Please keep your cash card and PIN notice handy when you call. We require branch number, account number, Pin code.

Opening an account

Toll-free 0120-456-860 (Everyday 8AM - 9PM)

Push *77 for English Speaking Operator

From overseas: +81 3 5954-7530 (Not toll-free)

For PowerFlex
account holder

Toll-free 0120-456-022 (Everyday 8AM - 9PM)

Power Call Manual

From the US and Canada: 1 866-744-6734 (Toll-free *)

From foreign countries other than the USA and Canada

+81 3 5954-7763 (Not toll-free)

PowerDirect password reset

Toll-free 0120-301-231 (24hrs/365days)

Push *77 for English assistance

International wire
transfer to a
pre-registered account

Toll-free 0120-456-062 (Weekdays 9AM - 3PM)

Push *77 for English Speaking Operator

PIN change

Toll-free 0120-456-272 (24hrs/365days)

Push *77 for English Speaking Operator

Foreign currency
buying and selling

Toll-free 0120-456-507 (24hrs/365days)

Push *77 for English Speaking Operator

Home mortgages

Toll-free 0120-456-515 (9AM - 5PM/365days)

* except bank holidays during year-end/new year (12/31 - 1/3)

Goremit Overseas Remittance Service

Toll-free 0120-227-503 (Weekdays 9AM - 5PM)

  • * Phone charges may apply. For details, please contact your phone service provider. Global roaming charges may apply for international calls made form your Japanese mobile phone. If you are using a pulse tone telephone, please switch to touch tone by pressing the [tone] button or the star button after being connected. Can be accessed from mobile phones. There will be a call charge for overseas users.