How to make a domestic money transfer


  1. 1Click the "Transfers" tab and select "Transfers".


  1. 2Confirm the following information: Debit Account (your Yen savings balance), Remitter (your name), Daily Domestic Funds transfer limit, Outgoing funds transfer fee - Remainder of monthly reimbursement*.
  2. 3Select the beneficiary among new and registered beneficiaries.


  1. 4Select the beneficiary bank and click "Next".


  1. 5Select the beneficiary bank branch and click "Next".
    For example, if the branch is "Honten", please input "" in katakana in the column and click "Search".


  1. 6Input the beneficiary information and Please click "Next".
  • Please select the account type from the pull down menu.=Futsu Yokin (Savings account), =Toza Yokin (Checking account), =Chochiku Yokin(Savings Deposit).
  • Please input the 7-digit beneficiary account number (If the account number is 6 digits, please put 0 on the start. If the account number is 5 digits, please put 00 before the account number).
  • Please input the beneficiary name in single-byte katakana or upper-case roman letters.
  1. 7Input the amount you would like to transfer. Click "Next".


  1. 8After confirming the contents of the transaction, please click "Submit".

Note: If you select "Yes", this beneficiary will be registered in the system so you will not have to input these information again to send funds.
You will be able to select this beneficiary from the list from the next time.


  1. 9A notice stating that the transaction has been accepted will be displayed. Please print the screen if necessary, this page will be shown one time only.