PowerFlex cash card

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Choose your favorite color from our range of 32 colors

Select your favorite color for your cash card when you apply for an account. Please fill out the number of the color below on the account application form. (You will need to request a starter kit for the account application form to be sent.)

001001 Big Sky 002002 Air Mist 003003 Deep Ocean 004004 Twilight
005005 Dreamy purple 006006 Lilac 007007 Wine Red Cocktail 008008 Baby Face
009009 Cherry Blossom 010010 Rose Pink 011011 First Rouge 012012 Tomato Kiss
013013 Orange Juice 014014 Crème Brûlée 015015 Sunflower 016016 Passion Yellow
017017 Melon Soda 018018 Fresh Leaves 019019 Green Salad 020020 Grasshopper
021021 Bamboo 022022 Crocodile 023023 Indigo Blue 024024 Morning Aqua
025025 Green Tea 026026 Straw Hat 027027 Café au lait 028028 Mocha Brown
029029 Chocolate Caramel 030030 White Christmas 031031 Royal Grey 032032 Midnight

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Free ATM withdrawals

FREE ATM transactions are at over 65,000 ATMs nationwide including:

  • 24/7 bilingual Shinsei Bank ATMs
  • 24/7 Seven-Eleven ATMs
  • Japan Post Bank and Post office ATMs
  • City bank and other bank partner network ATMs *

* City banks (Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho, Sumitomo Mitsui, Resona, Saitama Resona), 4 trust banks (Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho, Chuo Mitsui, Sumitomo), Aozora Bank, Shoko Chukin bank and partner Japanese city bank ATMs inside convenience stores.

Branch locations
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Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide

All our cash cards permit the withdrawal of cash in local currency from your account at more than 1 million ATMs overseas managed by . ATM withdrawal fees may be charged depending on CD/ ATMs.

ATM Location
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J Debit service

The PowerFlex cash card allows you to make payments at 160,000 J-Debit participating stores and restaurants. The cash card obviates the need for cash.

  • Payments available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 160,000 J-Debit participating stores and restaurants
  • J-Debit service is free of charge
  • The service is easy to use

This service is available at all J-Debit participating stores and restaurants. Please check if the enterprise displays a J-Debit mark.
Daily ATM withdrawal limit is initially set at 500,000 yen. Limits can be adjusted to between 0 yen and 2,000,000 yen. Please click here if you wish to change your limit.

Input your PowerFlex account PIN in the machine.
Your PIN can be changed any day of the year over the telephone.

Please check the amount paid and keep the receipt.