Capital Management

Structured Deposits

Shinsei Bank is proud to offers financial products that utilize interest rates, foreign exchange, equities, and credit market derivatives that meet the asset management needs of its customers.

We endeavor to provide our customers, in a timely manner, with products such as callable deposits with defined interest payments, callable reverse floater deposits, and callable capped floater deposits, as well as products such as dual currency deposits. By providing a diverse variety of such products, we are working to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

Investment Trusts

In this market environment, where domestic investment remains difficult, we are able to offer our customers privately-offered investment trusts that are able to fulfill their portfolio needs.

  • Asset class selection in response to changes in market trends
  • Analysis of customer balance sheets and portfolios in order to determine the ideal fund with optimal asset class for proposal
  • Neutrally select and introduce high performing overseas asset management funds into Japan in cooperation with our subsidiary, Shinsei Investment Management Co., Ltd.

We seek to improve our customers' risk-return situation through investment in privately offered investment trusts in order to support their asset management needs.