Project Finance

Project finance is a financing method, where repayment is made using cash flows generated from the underlying project. At Shinsei Bank, staff members with expertise in target projects provide solutions for increasing the feasibility of finance to support our customers.

PF Structure Chart

Project Finance In Japan

In Japan, we are stepping up our involvement in the power generation business, infrastructure development, Public Private Partnership (PPP), and renewable energy, among other areas. In particular, we have arranged many large-scale project financing deals for the solar power generation businesses and we offer optimum financing methods to a broad range of Japanese and international customers.

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Overseas Project Finance

Overseas, we actively participate in a wide range of areas such as power generation, resource energy development and infrastructure development using Public Private Partnership (PPP) / Private Finance Initiative (PFI). We are currently working on projects throughout the world with a focus on the Asia Pacific region, utilizing our network of Japanese sponsor companies and local bank finance arrangers.