How to Use the GoRemit App

Register Your Mail Address
Enter the Application Information
Register Your Customer Number
Create A Remittance Destination
Create the Payment Instructions

STEP1Register Your Mail Address


(1) Click "New application".


(2) Register your E-mail Address. After registration is complete, we will send you a temporary password to the registered e-mail address.


(3) Log in with the registered e-mail address and the temporary password.


(4) After setting a new password, you will be able to log in.

STEP2Enter the Application Information


(1) After officially logging in step 1, enter your application details.


(2) Take pictures of the necessary identification documents and register your signature.


(3) After we have received your application and completed our screening, we will send you a Welcome Pack by unforwardable Restricted Delivery Mail Service (collection restricted to yourself) within approximately 7-10 business days.

  • If we need to make contact with you regarding your registered information or documents, we will send you a message or e-mail with GoRemit App. After logging into GoRemit App, please check the message and correct the registration information and re-take pictures of necessary documents.

STEP3Register Your Customer Number


(1) After receiving your Welcome Pack, please log in again.


(2) Register your Customer Number, you will be able to use all functions.

You can easily log in by fingerprint / face authentication information registration as necessary.
Please follow the steps below.


(1) Click the menu mark at the upper left of the home screen.


(2) Click "Settings" to register your fingerprint / face authentication information.

STEP4Create A Remittance Destination


(1) Click "New" at the upper right of the "remittance request instructions" screen to create a remittance destination.


(2) Enter the new beneficiary information and apply.


(3) Your registration will be completed within approximately 1-3 business days after we receive your information and complete our screening.

We will inform you by sending a message or e-mail with GoRemit App when the registration is complete.


STEP5Create the Payment Instructions


(1) After registering the beneficiaries, select the beneficiary you want to transfer to from the beneficiary list and click the "Remittance" on the top right of the screen.


(2) Specify the desired remittance method.

Remittance from Yen Deposit Account / Remittance from Foreign Currency Deposit Account


If you would like to transfer from "Yen Deposit Account" or "Foreign Currency Deposit Account", you need to create remittance requests by entering the currency, amount and message (if needed). After we have received the remittance requests, we will begin the remittance procedure.

Transfer to


If you transfer funds to designated collection account, you do not need to send us remittance request instructions from the GoRemit App. Please calculate the amount of money to be transferred from the "Rate Calculation" screen, and please make a domestic transfer to our designated collection account listed on the guide screen. After deducting our fee, we will exchange funds for overseas remittances to foreign currency at the TTS rate quoted for that day by GoRemit and will begin the remittance procedure.

  • If you would like to transfer from "Yen Deposit Account" or "Foreign Currency Deposit Account", you need to register Shinsei PowerFlex Service (PowerFlex) with GoRemit App in advance.

Please download the GoRemit App to start GoRemit service.

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Please check the environments compatible with the GoRemit App and download from your smartphone.

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