Establishment of The "Policy on Customer-Oriented
Business Conduct" and its "Action Plan"

In 2017, Shinsei Bank, Limited established the "Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct" as a guide to providing financial services with "the best options" to its customers as the top priority. Together with Shinsei Bank, our Group companies, namely,Shinsei Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., Shinsei Securities Co., Ltd., Shinsei Investment Management Co., Ltd. and FINANCIAL JAPAN CO., LTD. have also established these policies to pursue their customer-oriented businesses.

We have established management principles of "becoming a banking group that is sought out by customers, while contributing to the development of both domestic and international industrial economies" and "becoming a banking group that strives for highly transparent management and values that is trusted by all stakeholders including customers, investors and employees".

We reviewed our business promotion structure for our asset management consultancy business to respond to more diverse needs of our customers due to social changes such as workstyle reform and aging society with fewer children. The business has been serving the best interests of customers by using various tools including not only branches and contact centers but also the internet and video conference systems.
In developing and selling products and making investments, we have been making proposals focusing on the “best interest” of customers by broadly collaborating with Group and non-Group companies.

We have developed “Promises to Our Customers” aiming to pursue and enhance customer-oriented financial services further and to become a bank with which customers can feel secure and trustworthy in consulting on their investments. We also reviewed the “Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct”.

We will act based on the “Promises to Our Customers,” while pursuing customers' best interests as the top priority. We will also provide even more satisfactory financial services in line with the new “Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct.”

Shinsei Bank will continue serve as many customers as possible and always provide the best solutions for as many diverse needs as possible.

Shinsei Bank's “Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct” was set forth based on the “Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct” announced by the Financial Services Agency on March 30, 2017 (revised on January 15, 2021), giving our full assent to them.

We will continue to pursue customers' best interests as our top priority. We will also provide even more satisfactory financial services in line with the new “Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct.”

Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct announced in 2020

Promises to Our Customers

■To realize customers' best interests

Shinsei Bank has defined the following six values as “Promises to Our Customers”. These values must be pursued by all of our staff to pursue customer-oriented financial services and deliver the best interest to customers.
Our top priority is to achieve customers' best interests through the “Promises to Our Customers”.

  • Customer first (The best consulting in line with customer needs)
    We will always make proposals that best suit our customers' life stages and will provide additional services including follow-ups.
  • Compliance (Comply with social norms, laws and regulations)
    We will strictly comply with social norms, laws and regulations strictly in order to maintain the trust of our customers and society as a whole and to secure the legality and appropriateness of our business.
  • Sincerity (Sincere and fair conduct from customers' viewpoints)
    We will build a stronger relationship with our customers by acting in a sincere and fair manner with a strong sense of ethics and honesty in order to pursue their best interests.
  • Professional mindset
    We will continue to develop ourselves as financial professionals meeting customers' requests at a satisfactory level in order to continue to provide quality financial services.
  • Sense of responsibility
    We will thoroughly pursue responsible behavior in order to maintain the trust of our customers and ensure customer-oriented business conduct.
  • Teamwork
    We will provide unparalleled quality financial services to our customers by closely working with other teams in the Bank and using our Group's total capability.

Our Policy and FY2021 Action Plan


Placing importance on relationships of trust with customers more than anything, Shinsei Bank will continue to make proposals from customer viewpoints.

  • We will serve our customers with our proposals to follow-ups as one service.
  • We will always deploy employees having special skills and financial expertise, aiming to make the best possible proposals in line with various life stages of our customers.
  • We will optimize our organization according to the changes in customer needs.

FY2021 Action Plan

  • Shinsei Bank will listen to customers' asset background and current needs to propose the best portfolio for them.
    Shinsei Bank will place importance on continuous relationships with its customers, covering services from proposals to post-transaction follow-ups as one service in order to respond to the changes in their life plan or environment over time.
  • Shinsei Bank will provide any and all proposals in line with customers' life stage.
    The Bank will optimize its organization and deploy staff so as to become the customers' best partner to meet their various requests in asset building, investments and management.

■Products and Services

Shinsei Bank will prepare and provide a variety of financial products and services in line with various customer needs.

  • We will prepare our product lineup eyeing a 100-year life span, responding to the purposes, issues and preparations in customers' life stages.
  • We will not necessarily provide Shinsei Group's financial products and services but will broadly select the best products that will match with customer needs.
  • We will always provide easier-to-understand information through easier-to-understand approaches so that customers can select the best products and services.

FY2021 Action Plan

  • We will prepare products and services eyeing a 100+-year life span, needed by customers of various generations.
  • We will provide information and objective data necessary for investment decisions in a timely and easy-to-understand manner.
  • We will provide regular after-purchase services so that customers feel comfortable in conducting transactions.
  • When selecting financial products or services, a committee including sections in charge of compliance and risk management will check conflicts of interest. When thorough conflicts of interest management is required, we will clarify and explain it appropriately.

■Evaluation and Education

In order to achieve ideal customer-oriented business conduct, Shinsei Bank will reflect the evaluation from its customers in the evaluation of branches and staff to build a structure for developing their skills.

  • We will use valuable voices from customers for evaluating and training our staff.
  • We will also implement a “multifaceted evaluation” by managers, colleagues and subordinates.

FY2021 Action Plan

  • We will highly rate staff who have been identified in a customer survey as having demonstrated outstanding sincerity in customer service.
  • We will conduct evaluations from our customers, managers, colleagues and subordinates as well as “customer service quality tests” for face-to-face and non-face-to-face services using an external research company.
  • We will evaluate our staff focusing on the evaluation from our customers and accumulation of assets under management to build long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Aiming to develop human resources having expertise and a strong professional mindset that can continue to provide excellent and quality financial services to our customers, we will improve our customer service training programs and encourage our staff to obtain external qualifications to become a financial expert.

■DX(*) and Channels

Shinsei Bank will provide various services and environments to accept customer consultations based on their lifestyles.

  • Capturing the changes in technology and social trends, we will provide the best communication channels for customers.
  • We will prepare an environment that allows our branches, contact centers and online channels to share valuable customer information so that we can provide customers with consulting services smoothly.

FY2021 Action Plan

  • We will prepare manned channels such as branches and remote consultation counters (using telephones or video conference systems) for customers who wish to consult with us so that they can feel comfortable with consulting with our staff.
  • We will prepare communication tools for customers wishing to make investment decisions quickly at their own discretion to save time.
  • We will manage important customer information in an integrated manner utilizing the latest technology by organizing our environment in response to changes. We will build a structure which shares customers' desires to consult with us using whichever channel they choose.

*DX(digital transformation): Companies' establishing of competitive advantages by transforming operations, organizations, process and corporate culture as well as transforming products, services and business models using data and digital technology, responding to drastic changes in the business environment

FY2021 Shinsei KPIs and Common KPIs

The implementation status of the Policy and action plan will be checked with the following KPIs

KPIs Related Policy
Communication/From proposals to post-transaction follow-ups for customers Status of the asset management consultation service DX and Channels
Status of post-transaction follow-ups for customers holding investment products Consulting/ Products and Services
Status of communication promotion tools DX and Channels
Status of digitalization
  • Status of seamless services in channels desired by customers, such as electronic document delivery and video conference consultations
DX and Channels
Status of portfolio (diversified investment) proposals
  • Status of proposals for long-term diversified investment
Customer satisfaction in non-face-to-face transactions
  • Extract non-face-to-face transactions from the CX questionnaire survey
DX and Channels
Proposals from customer viewpoints/Provision of easy-to-understand information Trend of the number of transactions of regular investment products and asset succession / inheritance related products Products and Services
Ratio of customers by mutual fund performance
(Common KPI)
Ratio of customers by the performance of fixed-amount insurance (foreign currency) and variable-amount insurance Consulting
Providing information in a timely manner Products and Services
Ratio of investment trusts sold with Shinsei Investment Management as the trustee Products and services
Costs vs. returns and risks vs. returns of top 20 investment trusts in terms of balance
(Common KPI)
Products and services
Organizational structure, product・service lineup / development of human resources with high expertise and professionalism in accordance to changing customer needs. Status of accepting consultations related to asset succession / inheritance:
Status of proposals based on high level of expertise and financial knowledge in line with customers' life stages
Increase of products related to asset succession / inheritance Products and services
Status of deployment of employees with expertise in asset succession related to inheritance Evaluation and Education
Status of training aimed at service improvement Evaluation and Education

■FY2020 implementation status and KPIs

The implementation status of the FY2020 Action Plan created in 2020 is announced as “Status of the FY2020 Action Plan.”

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